We’re So Fresh
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Changing the Real Estate Landscape With Fresh Homes

Buying a home is a big deal. As both homeowners and home builders, the team at Fresh Paint by Garman Homes understands that you want to be able to trust the people who built your home wholeheartedly. You can trust us because of the Garman Homes name. While our wild side is our own, Fresh Paint takes on Garman Home’s softer qualities, like knowing that building a home is very personal and that our work can change the world.

Our fearless leader, Jim Garman, owns a number of other building companies in the Triangle you may have heard of, including Better Homes & Gardens Go Realty, Go School of Real Estate, Go Connect and Durham Building Company. That said, you can count on the team at Fresh Paint to not only be experts in what we do, but to also be passionate about building incredible homes for people who get it.

Why We Rage

So where did Fresh Paint come from? Our team saw the good that comes from Garman Homes and wanted to make it more accessible for buyers. We took a look at the houses available in that lower price range and just saw boring. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide something awesome for people that don’t want to live in a home they’re not excited about. We rage against builder beige because we think we can offer you something better than what’s on the market today.

So, naturally, we decided to curate homes with edge. Curate? What we mean is that we’ve done the hard parts of building a custom, unique home for you in order to provide an effortless, refreshing homebuying experience. We want you to love living in and talking about your home because we understand what a big difference a new home can make.

Expensive condos or apartments the size of your childhood bedroom are only endearing for so long. When you’re ready to buy a home, reach out to the team at Fresh Paint for a homebuying experience that’s simple and even fun.

Fresh Paint by Garman Homes builds new homes in the NC Triangle that are anything but boring. Browse our homes in Wendell Falls and beyond today.